Veterinary Sodium Acid Phosphate, Thiamine & Methylcobalamin Bolus (TAMPHOS-M)

We at Timru Pharmaceuticals, provide Sodium Acid Phosphate, Thiamine & Methylcobalamin Bolus by the name of TAMPHOS-M.

Dosage :
1 bolus for 10 days
Dairy Animal (During Gestation & Lactation) : 1-2 bolus on alternate day for 8-10 days or as recommended by dairy consultant.
Repeat Breeding : 1st Dose : 2 bolus on or before Al followed by 1 bolus on alternate day for 6 days

Why is Phosphorus so Important to the Health of Livestock?
Phosphorus is the second most required mineral in an animal’s diet but has more functions in the body compared to any other mineral. It has a dose relationship with calcium withinin the diet, but where calcium is mainly found in the bones and teeth of the animal; only 80-85% of Phosphorus is found in bones and teeth, the remainder can be found in soft tissue and fluid to assist with metabolic function throughout the body.

In most species, thiamine deficiency is expressed as a central nervous system dysfunction due to the dependence of the brain on glycolysis for energy production. Clinical signs include an apparent weakness that is usually first characterised by poor leg co-ordination, especially of the forelimbs and by inability to rise and stand.

Methylcobalamin is a naturally occurring and pure form of Vit. B. It is taken to regulate certain vital body functions like cell multiplication, blood formation and protein synthesis. It is used to treat Vit. B12 deficiency in Pernicous Anaemia in animals.

Each Bolus Contains:
Sodium Acid Phosphate8 gm
Thiamine500 mcg
Methylcobalamin4500 mcg
Veterinary Sodium Acid Phosphate, Thiamine & Methylcobalamin Bolus
Timru Pharmaceuticals