Veterinary B-Complex with Liver Extract Injection (TAMPLEX-L®)

We at Timru Pharmaceuticals, provide Liver Extract with B-Complex by the name of Tamplex-L.

Liver Extract with B-Complex can be used in liver disorders like Hepatitis, Jaundice, Fatty degeneration, parasitic anemia, Chronic diarrhoea, General weakness & Emaciation. Also as an adjuvant in liver fluke infestation in Sheep, Goat & Cattle.

B complex vitamins are involved in energy production, digestive and liver function, and blood production. Hard working animals may benefit from supplementary B complex vitamins.

Each mL Contains:
Thiamine HydrochlorideIP10 mg.
RiboflavinIP3 mg.
NiacinamideIP50 mg.
Vitamin B12IP20 mcg.
Water for InjectionIPq.s
Liver Injection crude having Vit. B12 activity eq. to not less than 2 mcg. of

Indications and Usage:

Veterinary Liver Extract Injection  is an injection of Vitamin B Complex with Crude Liver. It is specially indicated for the treatment of anorexia and liver disorders associated with fatty degeneration of liver, Sluggish liver, Debility and general weakness, Blood protozoan diseases, Hepetitis and Jaundice, reduced intake, stress etc. For all animals in prophylaxis and treatment of B-complex deficiency, stunted growth, dermatitis, hematuria.

  • Dosage:
    1. Cattle, buffaloes and horses:
      • 10ml. daily for 3 or more days.
    2. Calves, Sheep, Goats and Pigs:
      • 5 ml. daily for 3 or more days.
    3. Dogs and Cats:
      • 2 ml. to 5 ml. daily for 3 or more days.