Veterinary Amoxycillin & Sulbactam Bolus (TAMMOX-SB®)

Veterinary Amoxicillin & Sulbactam bolus is useful due to  Synergistic action & effective against almost all bacteria, Faster & Irreversible ß – lactamase inhibition, Broad spectrum bactericidal & Modern antibiotic combination,Inhibits bacterial Cell wall synthesis, Excellent Tissue penetration & Anaerobic activity  Very minimal Plasma Protein binding, Cost effective & Excellent combination,Excellent safety record.

Its antimicrobial activity means that it is indicated in the treatment of respiratory, ear, nose and throat, urinary, dermatological and gynecological infections caused by susceptible germs, as well as in a variety of surgical situations (both as a treatment and as prophylaxis).

Each bolus contains
Amoxycillin 1250 mg
Sulbactam250 mg

Indications and Usage:

Mastitis / Metritis

•        Respiratory Tract Infections

•        Uro-genital infections

•        Skin & Soft tissue infections

•        Intra – abdominal infections

•        Pre – surgical prophylaxis